Tap Into a World of Opportunities
Take your app and business further, and unlock new markets for monetization by leveraging on mig's rapidly growing user base.
Instantly reach millions of users
Get access to a base of over 9 million monthly active users, across rapidly expanding markets such as Indonesia, India, and the Philippines.
Easy for you, easy for users
Integration with our platform is easy using RESTful API. Your users can quickly sign in, find and invite friends, and pay for in-app purchases in your game by using their mig credit.
Grow your app and revenue
Our APIs give you full access to user profiles and networks, so you can push posts and invites, and grow your user numbers. Monetization is simpler on our secure payment network.
API Calls
Download our tutorial for API Calls
Get in touch
API documentation and keys
To make sure you get all the tools, help and professional support you need, we'll connect you directly with our engineering team.
Support at any time
For assistance, you can get in touch with your dedicated contact person, or feel free to drop us a note anytime, at developer@mig.me
Developer Program Terms of Use